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IPL 2022 Match Schedule Date Time Table

It is possible to check the schedule here. The BCCI will shortly outlining the schedule for next year's IPL Season 15.

The IPL fever has already begun because the retaining and the release of players from various teams is already done. The IPL's last date for 2022 has been announced, and fans of cricket are eager to know when the dates will be announced. The BCCI has made the most significant announcement regarding the publication of the new schedule for IPL 15 after concluding the IPL 2022 Auction.

Indian Premier League is something that fans wait for throughout the year. Additionally, because there are two teams being launched this season, it certainly increased the intensity of excitement among players this time. It is believed that the IPL official board has yet to announce a few details like the date of auction and the date for starting the games.

IPL match schedule 2022

IPL 2022 Team 

Ten teams will participate in IPL 2022. Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans are the two teams that were included in the tournament. Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Capitals, Kolkata Knight Riders, Punjab Kings, and Sunrisers Hyderabad are the other teams.

IPL 2022 Match Schedule 

IPL 2022 would be the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League or IPL. As stated earlier, the initial step of the season has completed and the teams have announced the retained and released players. The board of directors is planning to announce when the dates will be announced for the following step which will be auctions or the date on when the games among the IPL teams will begin.

Major IPL EventsDate
Relase Date of IPL Schedule6th March 2022
Start Day of IPL 15 Season Match15th March 2022
Last Day of IPL 15 League MatchApril 2022
IPL 15 Final MatchMay 2022

Prior to, when there was any official information on the schedule, several sports experts have been discussing the probable dates of IPL 2022. IPL 2022 program. The norm is that, IPL matches take place in the months in April, and the month of May. Prior to that, it was believed that the

In the past, several experts had been anticipating the date for the start for IPL 2022 games to begin from the first week in April 2022. However, the announcement made on 6 March 2022 has cleared all doubts about the date, the venue and timing.

IPL 2022 Match Schedule Release Date

The BCCI has announced that the officially announced IPL 2022 Schedule dates on 6 March 2022. In accordance with regulations, the BCCI first releases the schedule dates following the conclusion of the auction, and after teams have announced their final roster of players who will play in the tournament.

The announcement of IPL 2019 schedule for 2022 taken a while because there will be a greater amount of games due to the introduction of new teams during the season currently playing in the IPL. The addition of new teams also has increased the amount of days that the season will last, and also confirmed that IPL Season 15 will be lasting for more than 70 days.

IPL 2022 Schedule26 March 2022 — 29 May 2022
BCCI i.e. Board of Control for Cricket in India
Hosting CountryIndia
Match Format20 Overs (T20)
IPL 2022 First MatchMarch 2022
IPL Final Match29 May 2022
Number Of Teams10
Name Of Teams
Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Punjab Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Ahmedabad Lions & Lucknow Nawabs.
Number Of Total Matches74
Official Website of

start date as well as the entire schedule of games scheduled to be played can be found on the official site. Additionally, the start date of the games is announced in the Star Sports Channel or even on Disney Hotstar.

IPL 2022 Match Venue

As with those dates, the BCCI also announced the location of the games. However, experts have been playing games of guessing regarding how to choose the IPL 2022 venues. Based on the schedule announced by officials, it has been confirmed the fact that Mumbai along with Pune will host the venues for all games of the IPL 2022 season as well as IPL Season 15.

In general, most IPL matches were played in the six venues of India and were held in the cities of Chennai, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, as well as Bengaluru. However, as of today, these venues are currently being altered due to the COVID situation throughout India

According to experts, the location for the games is expected to be India only in the event that everything goes according to normal. In the event of the increasing number of Covid cases across India, the board may make decisions similar to those taken in the organization of IPL 2021 games. If, once more, the Board decides there is a possibility for Covid transmitting, it could decide to play all matches in the UAE.

IPL 2022 Match Schedule Date & Timing

This is the tentative schedule for IPL 15 in which total 70 matches are scheduled to be played, excluding knock-out matches as well as the final. As per the

1CSK Vs KKR26 March 202219:30
2SRH Vs RR27 March 202219:30
3Ahmedabad Vs RCB28 March 202219:30
4DC Vs MI29 March 202219:30
5Lucknow Vs PBKS30 March 202219:30
6KKR Vs SRH31 March 202219:30
7RR Vs DC01 April 202219:30
8RCB Vs MI02 April 202215:30
9Lucknow Vs Ahmedabad02 April 202219:30
10PBKS Vs CSK03 April 202215:30
11SRH Vs RCB03 April 202219:30
12MI Vs Ahmedabad04 April 202219:30
13DC Vs KKR05 April 202219:30
14CSK Vs RCB06 April 202219:30
15SRH Vs PBKS07 April 202215:30
16RR Vs KKR08 April 202219:30
17Lucknow Vs DC09 April 202219:30
18Ahmedabad Vs CSK09 April 202215:30
19DC Vs SRH10 April 202219:30
20RCB Vs RR10 April 202215:30
21MI Vs Lucknow11 April 202219:30
22KKR Vs Ahmedabad12 April 202219:30
23PBKS Vs RR13 April 202219:30
24MI Vs CSK14 April 202219:30
25KKR Vs RCB15 April 202219:30
26DC Vs PBKS16 April 202219:30
27SRH Vs MI16 April 202215:30
28RR Vs Ahmedabad17 April 202219:30
29CSK Vs Lucknow17 April 202215:30
30DC Vs RCB18 April 202219:30
31Lucknow Vs CSK19 April 202219:30
32Ahmedabad Vs SRH20 April 202219:30
33KKR Vs PBKS21 April 202219:30
34RR Vs MI22 April 202219:30
35RCB Vs Lucknow23 April 202219:30
36Ahmedabad Vs DC23 April 202215:30
37MI Vs PBKS24 April 202219:30
38RR Vs Lucknow24 April 202215:30
39CSK Vs SRH25 April 202219:30
40DC Vs Ahmedabad26 April 202219:30
41SRH Vs KKR27 April 202219:30
42CSK Vs RR28 April 202219:30
43Lucknow Vs MI29 April 202219:30
44Ahmedabad Vs KKR30 April 202219:30
45SRH Vs DC30 April 202215:30
46RCB Vs PBKS01 April 202219:30
47KKR Vs CSK01 April 202215:30
48MI Vs DC02 April 202219:30
49RCB Vs Ahmedabad03 April 202219:30
50PBKS Vs Lucknow04 April 202219:30
51RR Vs CSK05 April 202219:30
52PBKS Vs MI06 April 202219:30
53SRH Vs Lucknow07 April 202219:30
54RR Vs RCB08 April 202219:30
55CSK Vs DC08 April 202215:30
56Ahmedabad Vs PBKS09 April 202219:30
57MI Vs SRH10 April 202219:30
58RCB Vs KKR11 April 202219:30
59PBKS Vs DC12 April 202219:30
60Ahmedabad Vs RR13 April 202219:30
61KKR Vs MI14 April 202219:30
62Lucknow Vs SRH14 April 202215:30
63PBKS Vs RCB15 April 202219:30
64CSK Vs Ahmedabad15 April 202215:30
65Lucknow Vs KKR16 April 202219:30
66MI Vs RR17 April 202219:30
67PBKS Vs SRH18 April 202219:30
68DC Vs Lucknow19 April 202219:30
69RCB Vs CSK20 April 202219:30
70KKR Vs RR21 April 202219:30
71Qualifier-122 April 202219:30
72Eliminator24 April 202219:30
73Qualifier-227 April 202219:30
74FINAL29 April 202219:30

IPL 2022 Match Point Table

This is where, IPL supporters can view the stats of all teams and know how they fared during the present season Indian Premier League 2022. IPL Points Table is updated following the conclusion of each match.


According to rules of the IPL guidelines, the top four teams on the IPL Points Table will be eligible to play in Semi-Finals. Semi-final matches are divided into two parts , the first semi-final is called Qualifier-1 and which is played between the 1st and 2nd placed team. The other semi-final is the Eliminator match is played between the 3rd and 4th team. In the Qualifier-1 Round, the team that won directly qualified to play in finals in the IPL Final while the losing team will take on the team that won the Eliminator round in order to determine the second finalist team in the IPL. 

Therefore, we can say this team from Qualifier-1 is has an additional chance to earn an opportunity to participate in finals in the IPL Final if they win in the Eliminator round. It is expected that the IPL trophy will be awarded to the team who wins in the Final game, with the cash prize will be awarded to the winners.

How To Watch IPL Match Free?

If you want to stream IPL matches on the internet for free, there are a variety of apps currently available that allow you to download, including AOS TV or Oreo TV. If you're not keen on downloading apps for your phone, you could also use streaming platforms like Twitch to stream IPL matches at no cost.

If you're searching on the internet, you'll learn about a variety of such streaming apps and platforms that stream IPL matches. However, among them the many, those that are the AOS or Oreo are extremely popular among those who want to stream IPL games for free. If you're considering other apps for watching games at no cost, ensure that you go through the reviews and ratings on the Google Playstore prior to installing the apps.

IPL 2022 Live Streaming Channels

If you're looking to watch IPL live together with loved ones and family, one of the best alternatives is to watch it on the television Channel Star Sports. You can watch the games on various channels from Star Sports such as Star Sports English, Star Sports Hindi, and Star Sports HD.

You can also watch the game live when you subscribe to Hotstar on your TV. If you do not have an account on television with Airtel, Reliance Jio, or Vi, you can purchase the cricket package and take advantage of watching all IPL matches on your TV.

In the past, DD News also telecasted all IPL live games on TV. However, no news has been announced whether the national channel will broadcast the games for the public or not. As of now, you can rest assured that you'll be able to watch IPL when you subscribe to one of the channels on Star Sports Network.

IPL 2022 Live Streaming Apps

If you don't have the privilege to be able to watch matches on television, you could certainly stream it on your mobile. To watch the matches, all you have to do is be running Disney+Hotstar on your phone. It is among the most popular apps in India with a lot of viewers who can enjoy IPL games by signing up to premium plans.

Apart from the application Disney+Hotstar and the Disney+Hotstar app, there are many more applications accessible to view the games. These are:

  • Hotstar
  • AirteTV App
  • Willow TV
  • Yupp TV

You have to sign up for these apps for a minimum rental per month for the best experience.

Of of course, there are a lot of alternatives to download free apps including the ones we discussed in the previous article. If you want to experience the best high-quality and free of ads matches, then it's the best option to download these apps for your phone.

YouTube is another site you can use for match videos. Although you can access the majority all the video, you won't be able to view them live. It is possible to use YouTube to view highlights or specific incidents. Of course, anyone who loves football would always want to see the games live.

YouTube is another platform you can try for match videos. Although you can access the majority video clips, you won't be able to view them live. It is possible to use YouTube to view highlights or specific incidents. Of course, fans of football would always want to see the games live.

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